captain manicorn

Saturday - April 04, 2020

Speedfly Slip-n-Slide Soboba Flight Park

Captain Manicorn Speedflying

After spending hours driving around hunting down the pool with my boy Brad Patterson, we found a used one on on facebook. We rolled out the visqueen slide and I had the chance to try it out. I decided for safety that I should do a 270 and go as fast as possible. My decision making paid off as I hit the front of the pool so hard it sent me airborne. This avoided getting my canopy wet as I hit the dirt on the other side, creating a tidal wave of water to soak me as I landed in the dirt. All and all, I walked away victorious with only miner cuts on my hands from the dirt. As I stood up and gave Brad a hug, my celebration was short lived as someone else trying decided to do a hook turn 15 feet off the ground, breaking his femur on impact. We had to put the fun away. This is why we can’t have nice things. Hence the expression, “Just Flare More”.

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