Season 1 is the Prequel because follows Jamie and Sandra in the months before the world record as they traveled through Europe in a campervan with their friend Jamie #2 and their dog, Freedom. They drive through 10 countries in Europe looking for adventures along the way, until a worldwide pandemic traps them in Romania and turns their world completely upside down.


Extreme Sports Week in Norway – S1E2

CAPTAIN MANICORN EPISODE 2 While Jamie Skydives, BASE Jumps, Wingsuits, and Speedflys in Norway, Sandra struggles to get our dog into Europe. FollowSubscribeWIN FREE OUTDOOR, TRAVEL, AND ADVENTURE GEAR You…
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Extreme Sports Week in Norway – S1E3

CAPTAIN MANICORN EPISODE 3 Lost luggage, unexpected ferry complications, tent wars, and paragliding crashes made Denmark one crazy adventure! FollowSubscribeWIN FREE OUTDOOR, TRAVEL, AND ADVENTURE GEAR You can win free…
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