Did you know that more people have been to space than have been to every country in the world? Two American adventurers give viewers an inside look as they pursue a never-before-attempted world record by flying a parachute in every country in the world. Together, they must overcome impossible obstacles, risk severe injuries, and push every limit in order to fulfill a dream where one wrong decision could cost them their lives.

What is Captain Manicorn? [Trailer]

CAPTAIN MANICORN S1 TRAILER The show Captain Manicorn follows an American couple traveling the world in a campervan with their dog while pursuing their seemingly impossible dream of being the…
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Extreme Sports Week in Norway – S1E3

CAPTAIN MANICORN EPISODE 3 Lost luggage, unexpected ferry complications, tent wars, and paragliding crashes made Denmark one crazy adventure! FollowSubscribeYou Can Win a 4×4 Campervan Rental Win your dream road…
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