SECRET CONTENT: Introducing Our New Family Member!

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As you may know, we have been traveling the world in various campervans and our sailboat. Below is a quick recap to our homes. The first photo was our first van, Good time Sally. Then we cut off her head (literally) and created our beast ‘All The Money’. She is a custom-built (by Jamie) van with 2 pop outs. The third photo is our current home, a 32 foot sailboat named Malaka.

Our first van: Good Time Sally
Our Second Van: All The Money
Our First Sailboat: Malaka

Our pink van is currently in the U.K and, as you might remember from all of our mechanical problems, needs more work to be done to make her ready for the next big travel push. (come on sponsors, where you at lol)

Our van spent a lot of time on tow trucks

Over the past few months, we have been traveling on a sailboat through Norway and we have been battling storms non-stop. We realized that living on a sailboat may not be something we want to do year-round, especially during winter!

BUt what can we do? Our pink van is out of commission and we have no other options. Or do we. 😉

Our new van, Mowgli, On the right and our other out-of-commission van, All The Money, on the left

We are excited to announce the addition of our newest family member, MOWGLI!

Don’t tell me you thought we were having a baby or crazier yet, getting another dog. lol.

We will now be spending the winter back in a caravan, exploring the world by campervan to continue knocking out our world record.

Mowgli is a 4x4 already built campervan and our new home

The van will be waiting for us in Poland, which is why we are heading south on our sailboat. We still store our sailboat and transition into our new family member and new home.

If you are wondering how we have a photo of our pink van together with our new van, Mowgli, it’s because Mowgli’s previous owner actually came to our rescue in Turkey. We had never met him, but we were broken down and he drove through a blizzard to bring us the part we needed. We then road-tripped for a little while together through the beautiful Turkish lands.

He even made a fun little youtube video, which you can see below.

We are excited that our new family member will be taking us to warmer climates for the winter because we realized that heading south on a sailboat would be such a slow process that we’d have to leave mid-summer!

Thank you for participating in our adventure by following along our journey! We will be announcing exactly WHERE we are going next very soon, and of course, you’ll know first. 🙂