Adventures of Captain Manicorn Podcast Trailer

Adventures of Captain Manicorn Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the Adventures of Captain Manicorn Podcast. You cannot have stories of success without a life of failure. Pain and humility are the key ingredients to overcoming adversity. Join Captain Manicorn as we share our life as modern-day pirates on a voyage to travel the globe in search of freedom.

We will share our journey as we set sail to become the first man and women to do air sports in every country in the world. This is not a rags-to-riches fairytale, but a raw and unfiltered look into the daily struggles that come along with trying to accomplish something that’s never been attempted before. We travel by sailboat or van from country to country looking for the perfect adventure with our three rescue dogs while immersing ourselves in local cultures.

we will entertain, inspire and educate you through our stories of failure and success and the hard lessons we have overcome. Join us weekly as we write the next chapter together on this extraordinary quest.

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