BASE Jumping, Puking, and Sailing With Friends | Adventures of Captain Manicorn Ep. 6

BASE Jumping, Puking, and Sailing With Friends | Adventures of Captain Manicorn Ep. 6

In this episode, we take on the more treacherous part of our trip with our friend Vasil who jumped on board to join us for a BASE-Jumping in Lysebotn, Norway. He was brought to his knees as we battled the ‘dangerous waves’ leg of our trip, succumbing to his seasickness and puking overboard.

They recap their experience at Heliboogie and what it was like for Vasil to do his first earth BASE jump as well as other entertaining stories that occurred during the event.

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Listen to Learn…

• Not having much sailing experience, what did Vasil think Sailing was like, and how was he terribly wrong?
• What was it like sharing an already-small space with 2 more friends (in addition to each other + 3 dogs)?
• How does sailing transform a tough guy into a kitten?
• How would somebody who never experience ‘alternate living’ adjust to living on a sailboat?
• When did Vasil realize he might’ve bitten off more than he could chew by joining Jamie & Sandra on the sailboat?
• How is sailing a whole new level of suffering?
• How does Jamie feel about mentoring Vasil on BASE-Jumping during the event
• What were Vasil’s first ‘real’ BASE-jump from a cliff?
• Why was the landing sketchy?
• What was it like for Sandra (a non-BASE Jumper) being at a BASE Jumping?
• Why doesn’t Sandra BASE Jump?
• Why was Vasil’s third jump super sketchy?
• Why did Vasil start BASE Jumping?
• What was Sandra’s favorite part of this leg of the trip?
• What happened the first time Jamie set up the hammock on the boat?

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