We Almost Broke Up 💔 | Adventures of Captain Manicorn Ep. 7

We Almost Broke Up 💔 | Adventures of Captain Manicorn Ep. 7

In this episode, Jamie & Sandra get a sailing reality check causing them to question if their relationship should continue.

They recap some of the struggles that their lifestyle puts on their relationship and the moment it almost all came to an end.

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Listen to Learn…

  • How did our sailboat almost “catch on fire”? (3:52)
  • What reality check did Sandra and Jamie have when realized the distance they need to go before winter hits. (11:00)
  • What caused Sandra to have a mini-melt down and identity crisis? (13:00)
  • What is the difference in how Jamie and Sandra perceive the chaos that comes along with world travel? (16:45)
  • What ultimatum does Sandra face that includes potentially breaking up? (19:00)
  • How does Sandra get herself back on track? (23:00)
  • Why does Sandra think maybe she isn’t the best person for Jamie? (25:00)
  • Why wasn’t Sandra flying and doing the ‘world record’ anymore?  (27:10)
  • Who is Lehart and how was he such an important part of our Norwegian trip? (32:00)
  • Why did Jamie suck at speedflying? (35:00)
  • How did Sandra spend her 34th birthday at an off-the-beaten path fjord? (39:00)
  • How did Jamie & Sandra end up drinking champagne on a huge yacht? (42:00)

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