Sandra Ends Her Sobriety While Jamie Reaches Dreams | Adventures of Captain Manicorn Ep. 5

Sandra Ends Her Sobriety While Jamie Reaches Dreams | Adventures of Captain Manicorn Ep. 5

In this episode, Sandra ends her Sobriety while Jamie reaches dreams. They take the Kiel Channel which connects the North Sea & Baltic sea and experienced their first time anchoring the boat, discovered Journey’s happy place, and encountered the biggest waves they’ve ever seen.

At the same time, Sandra discusses why she went sober in the first place and why she ended it in Germany. Jamie recaps a couple of dreams that were reached on this leg of the voyage.

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Listen to Learn…

  • Why did we choose to take the Kiel Channel that connects the North Sea & Baltic Sea?
  • What was it like taking a waterway through Germany?
  • Why was Jamie scared the first time we anchored our boat?
  • Where is Journey’s happy place?
  • What don’t we do (that we should) when we get to new countries?
  • How did Jamie take a sketchy scooter ride through Germany?
  • Why did Jamie and Sandra go sober in 2018?
  • Why did Sandra end her 4 years of alcohol sobriety in Germany?
  • Why is the small island of Anholt a hidden gem?
  • What Dream was reached on the island of Anholt?
  • What moment made Sandra want off the boat?
  • How did we react to the biggest waves we had ever seen?
  • What was it like when first getting to Norway?

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