Crashing, Fighting & Puking Disasters | Adventures of Captain Manicorn EP. 4

Crashing, Fighting & Puking Disasters | Adventures of Captain Manicorn EP. 4

In this episode, we recap some of the big mistakes we made in our second week of sailing. Both Sandra and Jamie ate some humble pie as they recap what led to their troubling experiences and scary moments. We will talk about Jamie’s first time ‘crashing’ the boat, engine cutouts, and our first scary overnight passage.

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Listen to Learn…

  • What huge mistake did Sandra make that led to their scariest sailing experience to date?
  • What made their first overnight passage so scary?
  • Why did Jamie crash the sailboat into a gas dock?
  • What event made Sandra say she didn’t know if she likes sailing?
  • Why did Sandra have to drug their dog during sailing passages?
  • What was it like in the Kiel Channel?
  • Why did their engine cut out and how did they fix it?
  • Who warned us about ‘weird’ waves and what happened when we discovered them?

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