Adventures of Captain Manicorn EP 3: Spending Four Years in Prison

Adventures of Captain Manicorn EP 3: Spending Four Years in Prison

In this episode, we will be to be diving deep into what Jamie’s experience was like spending four years in prison. We answer some of the most asked questions, such as why did he go to prison and what was it like there.

But first, we bring it back to the present day where we discuss the day that we set sail, visiting a small Dutch island called Texel where we set the skydiving world record. And as usual, it was quite eventful!

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Listen to Learn…

  • What was the defining moment in prison that changed Jamie’s perspective and life path?
  • Where was the first place we sailed to after officially setting sail on day 1 of our voyage
  • Why does Sandra feel like a koala bear during wingsuit rodeos?
  • What made our skydiving record jump so eventful in the Netherlands??
  • Why did Jamie go to prison?
  • What was it like in prison?
  • What was Jamie’s experience with racial division and gangs in prison?
  • Why did the judge give Jamie the maximum sentence?
  • What did prison teach Jamie?
  • Why did Jamie spend so much time in solitary confinement and what was it like?
  • Why did Jamie get a tattoo of a pentagram on his neck?
  • What shocking discovery did his prison therapist help him realize?

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