Van Life in Norway is NOT What It Used To Be | Adventures of Captain Manicorn Ep. 12

In this episode, we recap our experience renting a campervan in Norway and the unexpected obstacles that came along with it. And to top it all off, Jamie finally gets a chance at redemption to do his first-ever solo wingsuit BASE Jump. Did he succeed or fail again? Listen to find out…

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Listen to Learn…

  • Intro (0:00)
  • Van life in Norway has changed (1:00)
  • Getting kicked out of camping spots (2:45)
  • Arriving at Eresfjord (10:00)
  • Jumping or Flying somewhere for the first time (11:00)
  • Van life & Poop (19:00)
  • Embarking on my first ever solo wingsuit BASE Jump – (22.30)
  • Returning back to Boat Life (28:00)


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