Our Mission to #FeedAStrayADay

Traveling to every country of the world is both fulfilling and and eye-opening. As we roam the backroads of each country we visit, it becomes increasingly apparent the global issue of stray dogs that inhabit less developed countries.

On an almost daily basis, we are greeted by stray dogs. These dogs are often writhed with fleas, suffering some sort of previous injury (typically having been hit by a car), abused by the locals and malnourished to the point that we can count the bones on their withering bodies.

These stray dogs do not know love. They do not know when their next meal will be. The world that is so beautiful to many of us is a harsh and cruel place for them.

They deserve better and we have the ability to make it better for them. 


Did you know there are

Strays dogs in the world?

Our Mission to #FeedAStrayADay


We take the time to show a stray dog that they are loved every day. Whether we come across them in an abandoned field or side of a gas station, we give them a proper meal + treats for dessert.


We provide these strays with some much needed love and affection if they allow it and are not traumatized from years of abuse by humans.

Our Vision for Global Impact

Our vision is to create a global movement in which every day, thousands of starving dogs around the world receive a much needed meal

How will we accomplish this?

Imagine if only 1 person in every country fed 1 stray dog a week. That would add up to 10,296 stray dogs enjoying a meal every year. Now imagine if 1 person in every country fed 1 stray dog a day. Now you have 72,270 stray dogs receiving the love and attention they deserve every year.

Through our show, we will advocate for feeding strays with the goal of starting a global movement called #FeedAStrayADay.

How Can You Help Stray Dogs?

Each meal costs approximately $5. With your donation, we can continue to make sure stray dogs around the globe receive a hearty meal, delicious treats and belly scratches.

You can choose between feeding 1 stray for a day for a one time payment of $5, or our monthly program of feeding a stray dog a month for only $5 per month, which is the most helpful purchase you could make to assist us on our mission.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support on our mission to leave this world a better place than how we found it.