September 2022 Update – BASE-Jumping for Breakfast & Storms for Dinner

September 2022 Update – BASE-Jumping for Breakfast & Storms for Dinner

September 2022 Recap

In September, we dedicated ourselves to Base-Jumping and speedflying in Loen with a short window of desperately needed good weather. Before we knew it, we were back in storms battling our way south on our sailboat. We were warned about the North Sea in October and needed to get south before it was too late…
Storms + close quarters on a sailboat don't always work very well lol
After months of summer storms in Norway, there were finally 2 weeks of desperately needed good weather! Being stuck in storms in such close quarters is not good for any relationship! Lol Even Journey was getting cabin fever!
Even Journey was feeling a little bit cooped up
Location of Loen, Norway
We decided to use these two weeks at Loen, a wonderful city at the end of Nordfjord. The reason we chose this location was because they had a gondola to the top of a mountain that we could easily Wingsuit Base Jump, Paraglide, and Speedfly! After speaking with the admins of Loen Skylift, they graciously provided us with season passes to be able to jump & fly as much as we wanted over this 2 week period!
Our goal scorecard counting how many flights we had made in Loen
Jamie's 40th Bday Breakfast (Bacon + French Toast!)
On September 2nd, Jamie celebrated his 40th birthday. The day included lots of bacon and wingsuit BASE Jumping, plus a naked fjord plunge.
Sandra pushing past fears in Speedflying
Over the 2 week period, Sandra ended her months-long break from flying and slowly became more confident in her speedflying launches and landings, something she’d struggled with her entire flying career.
Wingsuit BASE Jumping in Loen with Oliver Miller
Over the 2 weeks, Jamie became much more confident in his wingsuit BASE starts (the initial jump from the cliff), which is one of the most important (and dangerous) parts of BASE Jumping
Thank you Oliver for the mass amounts of American food! Now where to put it in the boat!?
Our friend, Oliver even came out for a weekend of jumping and brought us heaps of American food & goodies since we hadn’t been back to America since 2019
Hiking to a BASE Jump exit point with Thomas & Frederick
Jamie also went on quite a few big hike & Jump missions with local BASE Jumpers, experiencing some of the most epic (and scary) Base jumps to date. Did we mention that Norwegians are ridiculously fast hikers? It’s like chasing a mountain goat up trails! Lol
Taking the Via Ferrata Loen to the paragliding launch
Epic Sky Bridge during the Via Ferrata
One of the coolest parts of Loen is their Via Ferrata! Since we hadn’t done our record-setting paragliding flight, we had an adventure with some of the locals which entailed taking the Via Feratta up the mountain and paragliding down! (YouTube Video Below)
Jamie was able to coordinate a wingsuit flyby from one of the base jumpers, which was the closest we’d been to a wingsuiter while on the ground!
Our Record Setting Paraglider Flights Thanks to Loen Skylift & Loen Active!

Enjoying the spa at Hotel Alexandra in Loen
Loen is home to Hotel Alexandra, with a beautiful spa that we enjoyed one cold morning, along with the steam rooms, saunas, waterslide, and various pools
Our sailboat docked right in front of the fogged out gondola
But all good things must come to an end, and mid month, a large storm came through. All of the pilots and BASE jumpers left, leaving us stranded on our boat waiting for a good window of weather to leave Loen. Winter is coming, and the North Sea is unforgiving in October, so it was time to start heading south for the winter.
Our setup during the week-long storm
Motoring out of Loen one foggy morning avoiding oncoming cruise ships in the fjord
After almost a week of waiting, we finally had a small window allowing us to leave. It was foggy in the fjord, as we avoided oncoming cruise ship traffic!
Ended up stuck in a small Norwegian village, Botnane
Unfortunately, we ended up battling a head wind from an oncoming storm, and had to stop early and hide in a small cove in the quiet village of Botnane.
Map of the hiking trails near our boat. Red circle is the area Guzel got lost
View from the top of the hike where Guzel got lost, overlooks the bay our boat is in
There was a hiking trailhead right next to the marina, and Jamie decided to take the dogs for a hike the next morning after the rain stopped. Unfortunately, Guzel’s hunting instincts kicked in and she ran off chasing a deer. Jamie spent the next few hours trying to track her down through the mountains, worried as nighttime (and another huge storm) approached.
Our little troublemaker Guzel happy to be back at home on the boat and not lost in the storm
Luckily, he was able to find her! After posting about this incident, one of our amazing monthly supporters, Carla donated towards a GPS for her, which we are happy to report is on it’s way to us so we don’t encounter this problem again!
Winds were so high, we had to build a barricade around our heater chimney
Once again, we waited out a high wind storm. The winds were so high, it was blowing out our diesel heater through the chimney, and we had to make a macgyver wind block out of our disco-beds!
Sandra checking the winds to get a better understanding of weather
We spent the next week slowly making our way south, timing our pushes with good windows of weather. We weren’t the same sailors we were before, and we had started to learn what weather to wait for to make sailing a more enjoyable experience.
The good thing about storms? They make beautiful rainbows
High wind sailing days
We even did a somewhat open water crossing in high winds and beat another sailboat! The first boat with full sails out that we had ever beaten! A testament to how our sailing abilities had improved since we first learned how to sail a mere few months ago.
Sunrises on a sailboat are spectacular
Because we were out of the fjord, and were sailing from 6 AM until 8 PM, we started to see beautiful sunrises and sunsets. We didn’t get these in the fjords due to the tall cliffs, and they were a welcome sight.
Markers indicating 'dangerous wave' sections we would has to pass through on the 'scariest' part of the passage
There is a part of southern Norway that has ‘dangerous waves’ which we were a little intimidated about. But there was one day that looked promising to make the push across them to a small set of islands that would provide shelter from another oncoming storm. We were happy to have amazing conditions the entire way.
Enjoying spectacular conditions in the 'dangerous waves' section
We ended the month on the small island of Hidra with only one ‘dangerous waves’ section left, waiting for our next window of good weather.
Our sailboat docked on the Norwegian island, Hidra

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