Gallery | They Warned Up Not to Sail in October (We Didn’t Listen)

Gallery | They Warned Up Not to Sail in October (We Didn’t Listen)

October 2022 Photo Gallery

Sailing in Norway in October had Jamie like...
We underestimated how difficult it would be to leave Norway by sailboat in October
Mowgli is a 4x4 already built campervan and our new home

We got stuck at the beautiful Norwegian island, Hidro
This small fishing village was picturesque
A burger and Fish soup cost $40!
Norway is famous for their delicious fish soup
Sandra accidentally dumped cards and visas into the water. Jamie had to dive in and rescue them.
One morning we made it 5 minutes before realizing it was bad conditions
During our retreat, we at least had a glorious sunrise to welcome us back in
Hiding behind an old fishing boat to avoid nauseating waves
With many trails around us, the dogs enjoyed their runs (and deers we encountered)
Sailing during sunrise with storm on the horizen
Near-disaster struck when the auto-pilot broke
Everybody suffering from IBS (Irritable Boat Syndrome)
The sea-sickness was real!
There were some foggy mornings
Everywhere we went we were the only sailboat stupid enough to still be sailing
Last glipse of Norway disappearing as the sun appears
Getting our first glimpse of Sweden
We were all smiles in the Baltic Sea, where the sailing is much more enjoyable
The girls were enjoying the calmer waters as well
sailing at night using the market lights to guide us
Arriving to marina's at night is always a bit scary
Cold days went by so slow at only 5 miles per hour
Sandra thumbs down, are we there yet???
Our worst nightmare came true when we hit rocks
We had to keep checking the water in the boat to make sure we weren't sinking
Guzel on duty watching for boats in the fog
Journey was clearly working hard as well
We kept a tally of how many miles we had left
Finally one beautiful day we hit single digits
Our final stop at the marina where she would be pulled out of the water and stored for the winter

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