June 2022 Update – Learning To Sail on the way to Norway

June 2022 Update – Learning To Sail on the way to Norway

June 2022 Recap

We battled rough seas, seasickness, and massive waves as we learned how to sail between Amsterdam to Norway. We realized that learning this way might’ve been biting off more than we could chew. BUT, we are happy to announce that we successfully made it to Norway and have been enjoying the breath-taking fjords (which of course, we share daily on our Instagram/Facebook stories)

Sailing to Norway was a dream born 6 years ago on our first Norway trip. It seemed so unattainable at the time, with all of the odds against us to make it happen. But with small steps, like climbing Everest, slowly and painstakingly, we made this dream a reality. Being so difficult to achieve has made this adventure that much more meaningful and beautiful.

Thank you to everybody who believed in us and stayed in touch on our social networks during our ups and downs. And especially thank you to our monthly donors, those of you who help make the magic happen.

We will be sailing in and out of various fjords Viking style and finding mountains to fly and jump off of and we will continue to update you via our social networks.

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