Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe in 2021 (And Why?)

Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe in 2021 (And Why?)

If you love to travel and adventure, Europe must be somewhere on the top of your bucket list. Castles, lofty mountains, rich culture, etc are some of the things that lure a traveler’s heart. Europe is much more than the Eiffel Tower, La Sagrada Familia, or the Berlin wall. Skiing, skydiving, and buggy rides are some of the adventure sports to relish here. Imagine what a thing it’d be to skydive in these naturally blessed places!

And what if I tell you that you can visit Europe and enjoy adventure sports without hurting your pockets? No kidding. Countries like Romania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, etc, are some of the cheapest places to travel in Europe and can be done in a few hundred dollars per week.

We often forget certain beautiful wonders in the limelights thrown to the frequently visited places or attractions. Europe isn’t just about Paris or the Eiffel Tower, it’s much more beyond that. Sit back and we’ll open up more secrets of these pocket-friendly destinations in Europe – the foods, the culture, top places, and obviously the wonders of nature.

List of Top 10 Cheapest Places to Travel in Europe

Before we go into deep waters, here’s a quick bite of knowledge for those who are in a hurry. The following table shows the top 10 cheap places to travel around Europe sorted by price – low to high.

Country NameEstimated Budget Per Week in USD

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1. Ukraine – Tops The List of Cheapest Places To Travel in Europe

Ukraine Country
Ukraine budget-friendly country
Ukraine places to visit
Ukrainian Baroque
Ukraine Country

Ukraine is an extremely budget-friendly country. You’ll find cheap and a variety of tasty food, places to travel, accommodation, and adventure sports. Also, if you’re a lover of Vodka, the trip to Ukraine will be incomplete if you don’t try the original Vodka there and that too at an approximate cost of just $3. Indeed, one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

Food in Ukraine is not just affordable but also tasty enough to tickle your tastebuds. I’d suggest you try the stuffed dumplings called varenyky. These will make you forget the Chinese dumplings.

The country has a retreat for heritage site lovers as there are many labelled by UNESCO. Churches in the capital city Kyiv will lock your gaze. The exemplary architecture (Ukrainian Baroque) reflected in its monuments and churches will leave you in awe. You can even book tours to the nuclear disaster site Chernobyl. They are not safe due to still-persisting harmful radiations in certain areas, so mustn’t be visited alone.

Estimated budget per week: $150-$300

Adventure sports: Skiing, skydiving, hiking, cycling, and water-sports are top adventure activities in the city.

Some foods to try: Borscht, chicken kiev, salo, potato pancakes, vareniki, and okroshka.

Some places to visit: Kyiv, Lviv, Bakota, Myrhorod, and Odesa.

2. Slovakia – The Land of Castles

Slovakia Country
Slovakia travel in Europe
mountains in Slovakia
Slovakia cheapest places to travel
Slovakia – The Land of Castles
Slovakia Country

Slovakia is one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe and a country often overlooked by the visitors because of its neighbouring countries. But you, as a traveller, visit the unknown and we think you’d love it too.

The country has an epic history. Their living ways differ because the cities are hundreds of years old and blossom with culture and traditions. It is one of the few things that make this country worth visiting in Europe.

Slovakia is also famous for its beautiful lofty mountains. Your trip will be incomplete without going to the wondrous High Tatras mountains. In summers, they’re a great go-to option for hiking and in winters they are a complete snowy eye-candy.

Above all other things, Slovakia is a great wonderland full of castles around. If you want to know the inspiration behind the Disney films, you have to see the castles of Slovakia. This country is about 14 times smaller than Texas but has about 220 castles in it. The most famous and the prettiest ones are Spis Castle and the Bojnice castle.

The fact that per day expense is around $30 with everything ‘cozy and comfy’ makes Slovakia one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

Estimated budget per week: 200$-400$

Adventure Sports: Paragliding, golf, skiing, bungee jumping, rafting, ice skating, etc. are some of the popular adventure Sports of Slovakia.

Some foods to try: Potato dumplings with sheep cheese, Goulash soup, Slovak pancakes, and funnel cake.

Some places to visit: Demanovska Cave of Liberty, Zoo Kontakt, St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral, Bratislava Old Town.

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3. Montenegro – Where the Black Mountains Exist

Montenegro Country
experiences at Montenegro
Montenegro cheap places
Montenegro beautiful country
hiking experience in Montenegro country
Montenegro Monuments
Montenegro Country

Such a tiny country Montenegro is a little box of huge blasts. Montenegro has it all that one needs on a perfect vacation or an ideal trip. It could be easily one of those cheap places to go to Europe for a weekend.

Although it is one of the smallest nations of Europe, the beauty it beholds within is unbeatable. Monuments with gorgeous architecture, nature, sea, and beautiful old towns; all of them are an integral part of the beautiful country.

Balkan State in Montenegro offers a great hiking experience in the whole of Europe. Mesmerizing mountains are available all around in Montenegro. The blue waters and wonderful canyons make Montenegro’s beauty worth watching and you’ll feel like locking those scenes forever in your eyes.

Montenegro is our favorite countries in the Balkan region because it is just as beautiful as the rest of the countries but not as touristy and extremely cheap for the same reason. Our favorite location in Montenegro is the beautiful Kotor Bay.

Fun story about Kotor Bay, we had quite the adventure when Sandra skydived off of Jamie’s paraglider in order to set the record (since there are no skydiving locations, we had to make our own) but the winds were too high and we both ended up landing in the sea! We were all okay, but we had to camp out on the water’s edge for a couple days while our parachutes dried out.

While in Montenegro, you’ll definitely want to check out Durmitor National Park, and hit up Durmitor Adventures for all your adventuring needs! You can check out this video where they showed us around and took us on some wild adventures!

For the adventurers, experiences at Montenegro can be very much varied and interesting because here you’ll get to fulfil all your thirst for yachting, partying, night out, sunbathe on beaches, or hiking. And all these experiences in Montenegro can be done under $400/week which makes this country one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

Estimated Budget per week: 200$-400$

Adventure Sports: Rafting at the Tara canyon, kayaking, biking, and paragliding.

Some food to try: Njegusi Prosciutto, Buzara, and Black risotto.

Some places to visit: Budva, Perast, Lake Skadar, Kotor Old Town, Tara River Canyon.

4. Portugal – Ronaldo Fans Have a Fantasy

Portugal historical country
Portugal affordable places to travel in Europe
Portugal pocket friendly country
Portugal place to visit
Portugal country for adventures
Portugal place to travel
Portugal historical country

The next place to add to your travel bucket list is Portugal. If you are a fan of Ronaldo then at some point you must have thought to visit Portugal. I know I did!

Nonetheless, Portugal should be on your travel list because the city is among the great historical countries of the world which are pocket friendly as well. This place is also known for its delicious food, and it won’t disappoint the foodie in you. Wine lovers, Portugal produces both red and white wine. Vibrant nightlife like other European Nations is another reason to add this place to your bucket list. Also, if you are a golf lover then, Portugal will make you happy as it is the cheapest golf destination in Europe.

In Portugal, we made easy over eggs and ended up getting Salmonella (that sickening bacteria). We had purchased the eggs from a small market, but it’s just a reminder to fully cook eggs while traveling.

This country has a vast variety of flora and fauna. The Peneda-Geres National Park has the status of the best national park in Europe. You can easily have a good time in Portugal at 70$-80$ per day. This makes Portugal one of the best affordable places to travel in Europe.

Estimated Budget: 200$-600$

Adventure Sports: Bungee Jumping, Canoeing, Surfing, skiing, and scuba diving.

Some food to try : Local Wines, Bacalhau, Sardinhas, Francesinha, and Peixe Grelhado.

Some places to visit : Belém Tower, Jerónimos, Óbidos, Évora, and Porto.

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5. Romania – Beyond Ghosts and Draculas

Romania Country
Romania Travel Country
Romania budget friendly country
Cetatea Rasnov
Romania eye-catching sites
Romania Country

Romania is a lesser-known country with picturesque beauty and eye-catching sites. The country has experienced a hike in tourists but it is still quite unexplored. You have a lot of jaw-dropping beauty here to capture with your point-and-shoot cameras.

Romania is ranked as one of the safest countries in the world which makes this budget friendly country more preferable. You should visit Romania during Summers, Spring, and Autumn. But I’d love to visit this pretty nation among the sheets of snow and mesmerizing snowflakes.

Talking about things to do in Romania? Romania is said to be a country of Draculas and ghosts. Don’t forget to visit Dracula’s Castle – Bran Castle. You can go hiking, or have a warm sunbath lying on the beaches of the Black Sea.

We remember one of the incidents that happened with us that made us believe that Romania is definitely one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

For those who follow us regularly know that we travel with our dog Freedom. The pandemic was after the whole world and we were stuck in Romania for about 6 months. Freedom’s teeth started stinking and he needed his teeth cleaned. In the USA, it usually costs us around $500 while in Romania the job was done for just $40. Super duper cheap!

It’s one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe because it won’t cost you much and will thoroughly satisfy all your major needs including accommodation, food, and visits to places.

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Estimated Budget: 300$-500$

Adventure Sports: Skydiving, kiteboarding, snowkiting, Hiking, and Fishing.

Some food to eat: Sarmale, Mici, Jumari, Pomana Porcului, Cozonac Ciorbă de burtă etc.

Some places to visit: Danube Delta, Mamaia, Bucharest, Bran Castle, and Cetatea Rasnov.

6. Albania – The Country of Mother Teresa

Albania – The Country of Mother Teresa
Albania Beaches
Albania travel in Europe
Albania Beaches In the Balkans
Albania Mountains
Albania-cheap places to go in Europe
Albania – The Country of Mother Teresa

If you love beaches, Albania has so many of them for you. Beaches aren’t too crowded and especially in the off-season months. It wouldn’t be wrong to call Albania one of cheap places to go in Europe with a beach.

Albania has a rich history and beautiful culture to support its claim.

The country is urbanizing rapidly but the village-culture is still strong enough here. If you are the one who enjoys simple things in life, Albania won’t disappoint you. You’ll find animals grazing in the landscapes and shepherds having a good time on the grass. The houses of many villagers have been changed into pension homes, where tourists can stay and know about Albanian culture.

While in Albania we were camping in Llogara national forest and found a tiny puppy! Although we already travel with 1 large dog (Freedom), we decided to adopt this small pup and bring her along with us. Her name is appropriately Journey.

The food in Albania is some of the best we’ve ever had! But there is a running joke that you usually will have something ‘wrong’ with your order, but just need to go with the flow. For example, one time we saw on the menu a grilled cheese with a photo of grilled cheese. Jamie ordered it, but it came out as a grilled piece of feta cheese. It was quite funny, but just an example of how sometimes what you order is not what you will get. A couple times we would order 1 desert to share, but they would bring out 2 desserts! Of course, this is not a bad problem because who doesn’t love extra dessert LOL.

There are places like Tirana, the capital city, Albanian Alps, which are normally observed as tourist attractions. But Albania is yet to be discovered from the root. The country’s tourism has just begun to take a hike so there are ample amounts of unexplored places that may provide you enough delight.

Since the country is yet more rural, the day-wise living expenses here are quite less – around 50$ per day. This is why it is one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

Estimated Budget: 300$-500$

Adventure Sports: Trekking, Paragliding, Kayaking, Rafting, hiking, cycling, and ski-shoeing.

Some foods to try: Baklava, Qofte, Tavë Kosi, Perime Zgare.

Some places to visit: The Blue Eye, Skanderbeg Square, Llogara National Park, Rozafa Castle.

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7. Greece – For Those Who Love Nature & Heritage, Both

Greece visit in Europe
Greece cheapest places to travel in Europe
Greece – For Those Who Love Nature
Greece visit in Europe

If your bucket list needs some cheap places to visit in Europe, Greece is also an option worth adding. Greece is a country popular for its exceptional monuments and UNESCO approved heritage sites. Visiting Greece will be a fiesta to your senses.

Greece claims to present a vast variety of food and drinks. Greek wines and their indigenous liquor are a great tourist attraction element. But there’s more…

Mountains, beaches, crystal clear lakes, rivers, forests, landscapes, and valleys! There’s no denying that Greece will leave you in awe with its natural beauty. Also, European nightlife is a dreamy world, and nightlife in Greece is a part of the same dreamy world.

Greece is an amazing place in the winter. Since we live in a van, when winter comes, we need to think about where to go strategically. As the leaves changed and the weather turned cold, we decided to head south to Greece. Not long after, the second round of COVID lockdowns came, and we were happy to be locked down in a warm country!

Exploring Greece won’t cost you more than 60$ a day which makes it one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

Estimated Budget – 400$-600$

Adventure Sports: Climbing, Rafting, Mountaineering, Diving, Sailing, Windsurfing, etc.

Some food to try : Taramasalata, Dolmades, Courgette balls, Moussaka, Bougatsa.

Some places to visit: Greek Islands, Athens, Meteora, Halkidiki, Cape Sounion.

8. Bulgaria – Where Most Roses Grow

Bulgaria mountain
Bulgaria’s Riviera
Bulgaria countries in Europe
Bulgarian roses
Bulgaria natural beauties
Bulgaria mountain

Bulgaria is one of the most vibrant countries in Europe. Bulgarian roses are famous worldwide. So much so that around 85% of the rose oil in the world is from Bulgaria itself. Try to visit Bulgaria in May-June and you will have the treat of beautiful rose harvesting for your eyes. You shouldn’t miss bulgaria if you’re into nature photography.

Talking of natural beauties, mountain ranges like The Rila are a great choice for the people who’d love to go on a hike. Alike complete Europe, Bulgaria also has a beautiful nightlife with small cafes scattered around. If you prefer seaside holidays, the seashore of The Black Sea, also known as Bulgaria’s Riviera, should be included too.

Bulgaria is a pocket-friendly place to travel to in Europe. Rich in cultural and natural beauty, Bulgaria is affordable because it won’t cost more than 65$ per day. This will include your stay, food, and travels.

Estimated Budget: 400$-600$

Adventure Sports: Surfing, water skiing, whitewater rafting, and kayaking.

Some foods to try : Banitsa, Tarator, Sarmi, Shopska Salata, and Moussaka.

Some places to visit : Sofia, Varna, Plovdiv, Rila Monastery, Nesebar, and Veliko Tarnovo.

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9. Poland – The Land of Varied Geography

Poland country of Europe
Poland cheap places to go to Europe
Poland country of Europe
Poland – The Land of Varied Geography
Poland- cheap places to go to Europe for a weekend
Poland country of Europe

9th largest country of Europe, Poland is huge enough to offer you a great time beneath its beauty. It can be easily included in the list of cheap places to go to Europe for a weekend.

The capital city, Warsaw is a great tourist attraction, but the interesting thing is that the original Warsaw was completely demolished in World War 2 and the one we see now is the reconstruction of the same. And the reconstruction is too beautiful to resist!

Poland is also a great example of the beautiful art and architecture of Europe. Also, nature here won’t leave you without surprising its beauty. The country has a varied geography. You’ll find lakes, mountains, and even deserts. If you are in Poland, don’t miss visiting the Tatra Mountains.

The major cities like Warsaw and Krakow might take you a bit beyond your usual budget but other than that, the country doesn’t hurt our pockets. You can have a great time in Poland at a price of 70$/day – enough to say it is one of the cheapest places to travel in Europe.

Estimated Budget: 400$-600$

Adventure Sports: Off-roading, Inland diving, Skydiving, Paragliding, Gliding.

Some foods to try: Rosół, Gołąbki, Gulasz, Bigos, Kotlet schabowy.

Some places to visit: Warsaw, Tatra Mountains, Royal Baths Park, Bialowieza Forest Reserve, Krakow.

10. Hungary – Beautiful Architecture That Defies Your Imagination

Hungary – Beautiful Architecture That Defies Your Imagination
Hungary-monumental beauty
Hungary-Mid-European country
Hungary country for Adventure
Hungary country for Travel
Hungary – Beautiful Architecture That Defies Your Imagination

The Mid-European country, Hungary is a perfect display of Neo-Classical Architecture and monumental beauty. Not just capital Budapest but also several other cities like Szeged or Sopron, the nation is a perfect amalgamation of mouth-watering food, monument and architecture, beautiful sites, culture, folk, and fun-filled nightlife.

The country’s signature dish, Goulash is a must-try in Hungary. Budapest, even after being the capital city is quite cheap and affordable. Be it the accommodation, food, drinks, or other exploration-worthy things, the city of Budapest has so much to offer in a limited budget and the least possible expenditure.

Other than these features, Hungary is a place offering a lovely treat to your eyes. The Hungarian countryside is beautiful, calm, and peaceful. Places like Hortobágy National Park or Caves at Lillafüred are worth visiting.

Hungary offers tasty local wines and you can get it under $3 while in the USA it costs around $15. If this isn’t cheap, I don’t know what it is. One of the cheapest places to travel in Europe!

Estimated Budget: 500$-700$

Adventure sports: Caving, Wakeboarding, Paragliding, cyber jump trampoline Park.

Some food to try: Local wine, Goulash, Fisherman’s soup, Főzelék, Dobos Torte.

Some places to visit : Budapest, Lake Balaton, Szentendre, Tihany, Siofok.

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Bidding Adieu

Huge money isn’t always essential to make you happy if you know where to look. Our list of top 10 cheapest places to travel in Europe are proof of the same. The countries mentioned above won’t be asking for too much money but will provide you the true joys of traveling, adventure, exploration, and wanderlust.

So, where are you going first?

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